About Three Angels Pharmacy


In June 2005, Three Angels Pharmacy opened it's doors to the residence of Mandeville, Manchester. Strategically located at 7B Caledonia Rd across from the Mandeville Hospital, it provides easy parking for customers. Its location makes it highly convenient to hospital patient while its competitive pricing and wide array of medical supplies has made it the number one choice for patients. Our convenient opening hours are unrivaled and we extend our services t our customers even on public holidays.

The pharmacy was born out of a dream and desire to offer excellent customer service to the deserving people of Mandeville and its environs. Three Angels Pharmacy is acclaimed for the professional service offered by both pharmacists and staff. Customers are able to shop in style as the pharmacy is strategically laid out for convenience, ease of movement and air-conditioned for comfort. Over the past years, Three Angels Pharmacy has expanded both its square footage and staff complement.

Clients have access to a wide range of traditional and non-traditional pharmaceuticals for which they have expressed appreciation. We also offer a wide range of personal care items, stationery, gifts and other delights. We also stock a wide range of ambulatory and home care products such as wheelchairs, bath chair, bath bench, bed rails, crutches, canes, walkers, nebulizers, humidifiers, etc. We also receive and send faxes both locally and internationally.

The slogan of the pharmacy “Providing for the total you!“ encapsulates the nature of the services offered. Pharmaceutical counseling is offered to all customers but we also extend our services to offer psychological counseling from our in-house psychologist. Although our opening hours cater to most persons we also extend our services to customers who wish to access the services of the pharmacist outside regular business hours can always be assisted by resident pharmacist Rohan Mc Nellie who remains available 24/7.

Three Angels Pharmacy understands the fiscal constraints within which we operate. In this regard, we have tailored our prices to suit the budget of our customers. We believe in preserving life we offer blood pressure, blood glucose, and blood cholesterol checks at the pharmacy and ensure we recognize our senior citizens for the hard work, they have done by granting senior citizens discounts. Three Angels Pharmacy takes pride in sourcing specialty pharmaceutical items. Three Angels Pharmacy goes beyond the call of regular duty to ensure that customers receive excellent service so they can continue to feel special.

Mission Statement

With Jesus Christ as the Supreme Director of the establishment and the Three Angels message as our mandate; our mission is to meet the needs of the community by providing quality services to promote maximum well being for individuals and families.

We are proud to be a resource, in helping people to live longer, healthier and happier lives. Three Angels Pharmacy is committed to promoting financial, social, physical, emotional and spiritual enrichment for our valuable customer and employees.

Vision Statement

It is our vision to be the premier provider of quality pharmaceutical care. We will commit t our dedication to excellence, matched with the use of innovative strategies and will ensure competency to our clientele. It is our hope that we will continue to earn the trust of our customers and have the largest repeat customer clientele base.


Giving Back to the Community


Led by Rohan Mc Nellie, our community outreach team is passionate about giving back to members of the community without whom we would not be a successful business. As such the staff thought it best to celebrate the pharmacy’s anniversary by hosting a health and wellness fair, in partnership with several pharmaceutical companies.
Members of the community are invited to access free check-ups for blood pressure, blood sugar and blood cholesterol. This is a very successful venture and a number of communities express their gratitude for our service. The response was overwhelming as several pharmaceutical partners provide gifts and souvenirs to customers, whilst being catered and entertained by Mello FM and Power 106.

Three Angels pharmacy over the years has assisted schools by giving grants and scholarships to many students from various educational institutions. Three Angels pharmacy over the years has also assisted churches, clubs, and societies from time to time by giving them grants.

The management of three angel’s pharmacy has decided that the best gift to give the community at this time is the gift of a Mobile Clinic equipped with doctor’s examination rooms and a mini pharmacy. Patrons in rural Jamaica are able to access free blood pressure, blood cholesterol, blood glucose test along doctor’s services in air-conditioned comfort. This will be operated by staff and volunteers as we seek to promote a healthier community hence a healthier nation by taking the health message to you “as we provide for the total you“.

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Address: Shop 7 Caledonia Plaza,
7B Caledonia Road,
Mandeville, Manchester,

Telephone: 876-625-5584

Opening Hours: Sun-Thu 8:00am-11:30pm
Fri 8:00am-4:00pm
Sat 7:00pm-11:30pm

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