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We sell prescription and over the counter medication at affordable prices.
Ambulatory and home care products
Wheelchairs, bath chair, bench, bed rails, crutches, canes, walkers, nebulizers, humidifiers, etc.
Senior Citizen Discounts
Discounts up to 25% on selected items
Fax Services
We receive and send faxes both locally and internationally.

We offer pharmaceutical and psychological counseling to our customers.
On-Call Pharmacist
Access to pharmacist 24/7 in case of emergencies and enquiries.

About Three Angels


In June 2005, Three Angels Pharmacy opened it's doors to the residence of Mandeville, Manchester. Strategically located at 7B Caledonia Rd across from the Mandeville Hospital, it provides easy parking for customers. Its location makes it highly convenient to hospital patients, while its competitive pricing and wide array of medical supplies has made it the number one choice. Our convenient opening hours are unrivaled and we extend our services to our customers even on public holidays.

The pharmacy was born out of a dream and desire to offer excellent customer service to the deserving people of Mandeville and its environs. Three Angels Pharmacy is acclaimed for the professional service offered by both pharmacists and staff. Customers are able to shop in style as the pharmacy is strategically laid out for convenience, ease of movement and air-conditioned for comfort. Over the past years, Three Angels Pharmacy has expanded both its square footage and staff complement.

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Three Angels Pharmacy Mobile Clinic 1st Anniversary

Exactly one year after launching its community mobile clinic on March 30, 2017, Three Angels Pharmacy celebrated its first anniversary with a free health fair.

The celebrations, which was geared towards giving thanks to God, volunteers, sponsors, and well-wishers, was held at the pharmacy’s location on Caledonia Road in Mandeville.

Owner of Three Angels Pharmacy, Rohan McNellie is more than happy with the activities of the past year. He is encouraging other business owners to get involved in community activities as he believes it is a win-win for everyone.

“When I go out with the team knowing that what I am going about is ministering to the needs of people without putting any money in my pocket, it is a great feeling,” said McNellie. “I have seen lives change physically, mentally and spiritually. Just today during the celebrations a lady walked up to me to say that she appreciates what is being done and she would like to attend church and get baptized without anyone introducing Christ or scriptures to her.”

During Thursday’s activities, 106 persons were registered and got free health checks covering, dental and medical examinations including ECG and BMI tests. An additional 60 persons got free pap smear and prostate screening courtesy of National Health Fund.

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Testimonies of Service

  • Michelle Wright

    "I went to this pharmacy to fill my son's prescription. I was marveled by the service and attention to detail the pharmacist displayed."

  • Bruce Chambers

    I wanted some over the counter medication because I don't like hospitals. They not only gave me something for my ailment, they gave me proper counseling towards the use of the products.

  • Shantelle Goodie

    I was with child and was very nervous about the child's health. I felt really assured that I could call the pharmacist at any time and he would be willing to counsel and calm me down.

  • Romel Dade

    I recently suffered a crippling accident. I was having trouble securing disability equipment until I was told about this pharmacy. They not only sourced the equipment for me, but counseled me on how to deal with my change of life.

  • Joeanne Forbes

    Recently married with a child and I only trust to get my medication from Three Angels Pharmacy. They also offered to counsel me and my husband as new parents.

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    Address: Shop 7 Caledonia Plaza,
    7B Caledonia Road,
    Mandeville, Manchester,

    Telephone: 876-625-5584

    Opening Hours: Sun-Thu 8:00am-11:30pm
    Fri 8:00am-4:00pm
    Sat 7:00pm-11:30pm

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